Mercedes Amg Petronas F1 Team Skin for FW31 (UPDATE) 0.2


  1. jcvargas524
    This is my second attempt on this skin, i´ll try to update it every week. I went back to the bridgestone tyres, i placed some new logos and updated some of the textures and i also add the chassis map in order to change a little the reflection but i´m not able to get the effect that i want, the rims are also i little darker. please review it even if you don´t like it. your review will help me to make it better, thank you.
    Showroom_fc1_2009_williams_fw31_20-3-2015-21-46-17.jpg Showroom_fc1_2009_williams_fw31_20-3-2015-21-46-25.jpg Showroom_fc1_2009_williams_fw31_20-3-2015-21-46-33.jpg Showroom_fc1_2009_williams_fw31_20-3-2015-21-46-38.jpg Showroom_fc1_2009_williams_fw31_20-3-2015-21-46-44.jpg

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  1. zorrogsi
    Version: 0.2
    Super,thank you ;)
    1. jcvargas524