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Mclaren MP4-30 early season version 1.1.0

MP4-30 early season version

  1. Nimas2333

    Earlier this year, @Heikki has done a skin on the same topic, but I felt like I could maybe do better than his skin, and thus here is my version of MP4-30.
    20171221021844_1.jpg 20171221022432_1.jpg 20180109161340_1.jpg 20171220220754_1.jpg

    I did 2 versions of the skin, one with the original decals and one with more decals.

    original version:
    20171220222220_1.jpg 20171220232409_1.jpg

    more decal version:
    20171220221937_1.jpg 20171220232629_1.jpg

    For people who just want to copy and paste to play:

    Choose which version of the skin you want to use, and put the items under F1 2016 folder into your local F1 2016 game location. Remember to BACKUP first!

    For people who knows how to use erp archiver:

    The dds files are in the dds folder.

    Have fun!

    By Nimas2333

Recent Reviews

  1. mg1998ify
    Version: 1.1.0
    great skin
    Anyone know how to transform these skins for F1 2015?
  2. Jorge10delo
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great mod, but can you make it for F1 2017 please?? There are pages in google where it's free.
    1. Nimas2333
      Author's Response
      umm okay I may look into it after Christmas if there exists some free source or steam give me a 75% off or something.
  3. Redish
    Version: 1.0.0
    I would die to see this in F1 2017
    1. Nimas2333
      Author's Response
      Haha thanks
  4. SinAporia
    Version: 1.0.0
    So far my favourite livery for the Mclaren in the last years.

    So now for the mod, the livery looks good. And i gonna use it, for my next playthrough. Could you make the livery for f1 2017 as well? ^^
    1. Nimas2333
      Author's Response
      thanks, but unfortunately I have not bought the F1 2017 yet.
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