Mclaren MP4/16 Skinpack 1.0

Tobacco and No tobacco livery

  1. SATLAB90
    Mclaren MP4/16 skin from the 2001 season:

    When I entered in the Automobilista modding community I was pretty surprised by the fact that no-one hadn't made a decent Mclaren skin for the FV10 car... so I decided to paint this beauty... it was a necessity xD ; hope you like it :)

    Original Car
    In game shots
    AMS 2016-05-08 16-20-57-48.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-21-15-31.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-21-26-73.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-21-44-55.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-33-18-84.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-39-11-37.jpg AMS 2016-05-08 16-40-25-20.jpg

    Unrar the Woking Msport folder in C:\Program Files\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\F_V10
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Recent Reviews

  1. Foresight
    Version: 1.0
    1. SATLAB90
      Author's Response
      First of all that is a 2002 Mclaren MP4/17, and so a different car... moreover that skin has some positioning error, as the mercedes benz logo on the engine cover, which is too low, it also has no grey shades, and the skin is just the David Coulthard's Tobacco version... I expected something more, my skin is patentlly more accurate... but I understand that it's a Mclaren History pack, so the work is not specifically on a single skin as mine.
  2. gamer19
    Version: 1.0
    Seems like you're new around here, you have miss a lot of it...
    Yes McLaren for V10 was made but they RD have to delete some of the skin that have "F1" in their title. You seems to me will be safe, you named your just right.
    My BAR was deleted also, then I reupload it, woth appropriate neme. ;)
    Anyway... thank you for this skin.
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