McLaren MP4-13 1998 Season Skin Pack

McLaren MP4-13 1998 Season Skin Pack 1.0

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Every team has been represented in this pack. There is one driver per team. Please be aware that quality may differ from skin to skin.

Mods required
McLaren MP4-13 download here

Copy the 'vsf1_mclaren-mp413' folder inside this archive to:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\"

Review and Support
Support is provided in the support thread, click the red button under the download link and we'll help you out with all your questions you may have.

Below this resource you can leave a review and let us know what you think of the liveries.

1998 style skins created by Virtua Simulazioni member Rickne

Credit to the entire VS team for support along the way and giving me the encouragement to see this out.
I am a humble person and will freely admit not all skins are of the same high quality I set out to create but I did what I thought was best with the time and resource I had as well as limited skill.

Word of warning
This download is 63mb and unpacks to a whopping 442mb. I will be optimising this over time. Otherwise feel free to downscale the dds files in the mean time.

You are free to create your own skins for this car and I look forward to them all.

Liveries are likenesses only. Expect some differences to the real life designs ;)

Many thanks for downloading.

Latest reviews

looking forward to getting into the Stewart car ;-)
Nice work at the perfect time...thanks : )
Thanks for the skinpack looks really nice !
Excellent work mate, thanks.
I love it!thank uuuuu!!!
Fantastic effort and results!! Great work. Thank you for this.
Great. Are you planning to add the second driver's skin for each team in the future?
I won't write off the idea but at the moment it isn't planned.
Excellent !
Excellent !
I love you, great work!
awww so sweet ;) I love you too
What can I say. Great effort awards with great production.
Stunning work!
This is awesome!

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