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McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Martini ECV Third

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McLaren MP4-12c GT3 Martini ECV
First release, third version.



This is a skin for the Assetto Corsa McLaren MP4-12C GT3 car. It's inspired by the Group S Lancia Experimental Composite Vehicle (or Lancia ECV). Developing over 600 hp from a 1.8l engine dubbed Triflux, the car was supposed to race in 1988, however it never did because group B and group S were cancelled by the end of 86. This skin is a tribute to the awesome car.


--- Resolutions

You can download the original size (2048x2048), a 4k version (4096x4096) or an 8k (8192x8192).

The skin is fully vector based. There are *no* rasters on it, so I have had the ability to upscale the resolution to whatever I wanted. My recommendations to you would be to use the 4k or 2k skin, depending on your computer specifications. There are some gains to be had by using 8k, however the difference is not even noticable from anywhere but extremely close to the car. I have included the 8k skin, although I see no advantage in using it. I would only even use 8k for screenshots though.


--- Information

I have added sponsor decals and a blancpain series number plate, to give the car a "geniuine" GT3 racer look. This is the first release, so I am very much open to suggestions if there are any. Feedback, as always, is very welcome. :)

version three


Download the file, and unpack the archive. There are 3 archives. One for each resolution. original is 2048x2048, 4k is 4096x4096, and 8k is 8192x8192.


The installation procedure is the same as with any add-on skin. You download the resolution you wish to use, and extract the rar into the assetto corsa skins directory.
Example dir:

I've gotten -most- of the vector art from A phenomelan website. They have basically all the companies. Rly a good resource. And the blancpain number plates/stickers/decals are from a user of this forum. He made a post containing them a while ago. I sadly have forgotten who he is. I'll try find the post and link it here.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated stickers

    I've added the Lancia ECV sticker. I have also changed the sponsor decals to better reflect the...
  2. New archive.

    Repackaged the files into one archive. And actually uploaded the file this time.
  3. repackaged rar file

    compiled all resolutions into one pack

Latest reviews

Beautiful livery, thank you very much. =]
Wow, haha!
man looks at the detail!
Great man, but it ain't finished without that ECV logo! ;)
Nathaniel Dwayne Hale
Nathaniel Dwayne Hale
You are so right. I couldn't find the vector art of it (obviously....). So now I made my own.

You've also inspired me to further make the skin closer to the original. I've changed the rear, and sides.

quality work. thanks for share =)