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Mclaren Marlboro Fantasy skin 2015-10-18

Marlboro Mclaren

  1. Opuraupura
    Sorry for my poor English,this is my first attempt to make the car skin,and it is a fantasy version,not the real version
    There are four file folders in this 7z files.
    This skin is based on the c33 skin in F1 2013,and it is also fit for F1 2014.
    If you have copied 1997 season mod by Milos,please don't copy the database folder.If you don't copy the Milos's mod.You'd better copy the database folder,or your tyre will not be in the right place.
    Thank you for doc303's Mclaren 1994 skin(Please forgive me for copying your racecrew suit.),and thank you for Milos's 1997 season mod.
    F1_2014 2015-10-18 19-40-51-062.jpg

    F1_2014 2015-10-18 20-03-25-789.jpg

    F1_2014 2015-10-18 20-11-27-746.jpg

    F1_2014 2015-10-18 20-11-52-061.jpg


    1. F1_2014 2015-10-18 20-10-53-506.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hey
    Version: 2015-10-18
    the wheel needs fixing but apart from that great!
    1. Opuraupura
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry,I forgot to upload the generic files.
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