McLaren Honda JapanGP Helmet (PSD File included) 2018-02-21

Special Japan GP Helmet for McLaren team

  1. vladimirjeger
    Copy/Paste Installation files included, as well as DDS file and PSD file is someone wants to edit the Helmet for it's needs. Ask or credit me if you use it for another mod...
    F1 2017 Screenshot 2018.02.21 - F1 2017 Screenshot 2018.02.21 - Screenshot_8-min.png Screenshot_8-min.png Screenshot_9-min.png Screenshot_10-min.png Screenshot_11-min.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Fariz Mohammad
    Fariz Mohammad
    Version: 2018-02-21
    Great work dude! btw can you create Red Bull version? I hope you can. thanks
    1. vladimirjeger
      Author's Response
      Yes I can :)
  2. Rockyinho
    Version: 2018-02-21
    Did you find way to change custom driver helmet model, like Ai helmet?. really boring only have one model to be use.
    1. vladimirjeger
      Author's Response
      I have my files saved in folders to know which helmet is which, and I replace the helmet with another one in less than I minute...I always keep changing them. I tried replacing more helmets with custom ones, but the game sometimes crashes if the custom one is at any other slot but unbranded com 6
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