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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 1.14

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Latest reviews

Merci beaucoup c'est du super travail.
This is one of my favorite tracks and I hope it gets updated to DX11 textures soon as it's very bright in it's current form which makes it undrivable for me. I tried turning post processing effects off but it still looks the same even after deleting my cbash and shaders folders contents.
best laguna seca for rf2 by now but some discrepancies with th real track and the corkscrew is not the amazing real turn i expected compared against a laser scaned turn....you dont feel the difference of hight a shame ...but it the best by now and so many detailed. but i prefer 0 details and more accuracy respect the real track and his MAIN most famous awesome turn...
fantastic job!
I love this version of Laguna Seca, but it has a killer bug with the curbs. Cars will sometimes trip over a curb and flip over and cause a DNF. It's hard to spot, but in a league race there were 2 DNF's and several others found the bug in practice. Raising the car ride height did little good.
Great track but yellow lines need dumbing down a bit as they look superimposed as they're so bright.
Great job!!! I love Laguna Seca and this version is awesome.
Great stuff!
Love it
Very nice! Thank you very much :) I do agree the lines are alittle bright.
Great job...thanks for you're hard work. Maybe the yellow borderlines could less brighter ?
Rini Braat
File size
181 MB
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4.31 star(s) 13 ratings

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