Mazda 787B

Mazda 787B 1.4

No permission to download
La de años que tiene este MOD y sigue estando en el TOP de todos, es increible, muchas gracias.
really good mod!
One of the very best cars for AC, only the MP4/4 is better.
Excellent model. Thank you for your efforts.
I can't hear the exterior sound, please fix this! I give 4 stars only for this, but as for any other thing about this car, is just perfect.
Chicos el auto me aparece para jugar. lo elijo y cuando voy a correr me tira otra vez atras y no entra a la carrera! ayuda porfa
Wonderful model!!! I luv it!
Great car! If I am not mistaken this was included with AC, and maintained officially atm. The skins also seem to work nicely with the new version, uv map was not changed.
Please update. No sound in external view. No replay sound.
Thank you so much!
LOVED using this before the official Kunos version released! Any chance that the skins from this mod will work/can be ported to the Kunos version of the 787B?
Please update the mod i only have sound on interior camera !! Mod is great by the way !!!
a great job.
But I have a little problem, when I use the inner camera I see the pilot's head. Is there any way to erase the pilot's head?
Great mod! Just please update, because on the newest version of AC there is no sound outside the car, only interior :(
Excellent mod even in VR. It is exciting to drive and really great sounds and skins. Thanks for all the hard work from everyone involved!! Super fun on the new tracks. A couple of artifacts or strange reflections in VR but just beautiful otherwise. Great Work!!!
Must have for Assetto Corsa but please update this mod, no external sound !
Please update the mod, is the best mod for AC!!!!
orgasmic mod...thanks
great job
Nice job!!
Needs desperately to be updated to latest AC build
One of the best Mods!

Here is a link for my 787b CarPorn:
Bellissima !!!
Incredible work! Only the balance of onboard soundeffects needs some adjustments.
very good
Just amazing!
This car is epic!!! love everything about the car, from stationary thru full throttle :P it's a beast that tries to kill you and you can almost feel the G-force :)
Best car mod ever.

This looks as great, or even better than the original AC cars.
Sounds are absolutely killer, body and cockpit are the best I've seen on any video game (especially the cockpit, this thing is photorealistic), physics are absolutely marvellous...

Not much to say, it's just perfect.
Just awesome. thx :)
Awesome mod, ffb is great, car handling feals real.
The new brakes turn red when they heat up! Hahaha i'm loving it Sander Thank you for this <3
Awesome beasty, beautiful skins. Thanks!
Love 787 and Wankel since their birth: amazing mod growing always better. What can I tell you? thank a lot guys
Very good mod! Top of the line.
One of my fave cars, excellent work as it feels so raw & powerful, wish more car mods were this good ! :-D
So damn good, and keeps getting better! Every update adds an extra N! to HNNNNNG!
The Best Car Mod EveR
perfection!! THANK YOU!
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