Matra Park

Matra Park 0.9.6

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Based on the original
Matra Park
for rFactor by Andras Csepecz

Original creators:
----------Matra Park----------

Matra Park logo made by Gergo Truckeszitz

Track information:
Lenght: 2,342 m
Type: Permanent Circuit

Conversion for AC & texture update:
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Latest updates

  1. fix

    color - ai line

Latest reviews

Friendly track, ideal with small cars.
Love this track! Also, thanks to Deswribilator for the fixes :)

AI Fix, outline by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Matra Park 0.9.6 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Matra Park 0.9.6 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
poor track mesh
how have you determined that? eye
Nice job, thank you!
Thank You for ALL your work on this Track! It is a quite nice and a lot of fun to drive it to me. I love driving the the Lil' Cobra around here..........................................=)
Very fun little circuit! Shadows make it a little difficult to see the track at times but that adds to the fun of it.
Great job Thank you very much!!!
nice circuit technique, not very wide, beautiful succession of baffles but the problem just because it is important not to touch the safety slide otherwise it remains hanging in the fence to 2 meters from the ground. thank you.

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