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Marussia F1 Team Livery for Dallara F312 1.0

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Marussia F1 Team Livery for Dallara F312

The livery of the 2014 "Marussia MR03" applied to the Formula 3 car "Dallara F312".


-This will replace the "Ravenwest" livery-
(or any "livery_01" that you previously installed)

06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

Copy the folders inside your desired driver's folder to their designated places and override.
-If you want to replace a different livery:
--navigate to "[driver]/GRID Autosport/cars/df3/models/"
--rename the "livery_01" folder to the one that you want to replace

Latest reviews

Looks very nice! But Marussia and Sauber use Livery_01. When I want to install it, I have to overwrite Sauber or any other Team, but I don't want to overwrite any team...
Philip Heck
Philip Heck
You'll have to overwrite some team, as GRID only allows 9 liveries for the Dallara F312 :/
thanks you
Philip Heck
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