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MarcVDS MotoGP Mod 1.0

Replaces Alvaro Bautista by Scott Redding in Marc VDS Design (textures only).

  1. Matthew327
    This is the first mod I ever published on RD after being a member for more than two years now. After playing around with my game for quite a while, I figured I'd share my latest creation with you.

    With Scott Redding rejoining MarcVDS in MotoGP next year, I figured I'd like to replace Alvaro Bautista on the Gresini bike by Scott Redding.

    It's far from perfect, but I thought maybe some of you would like to have it in their game until someone more skilled than me takes on the challenge to do this skin (or something similar.)


    Mod includes:
    • bike texture
    • suit texture
    • player suit texture
    • slightly adjusted Redding helmet (you'll have to change Bautista's helmet type, look here)
    • pit walls texture (from Moto2)
    • mechanics texture (from Moto2)

    I know I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you'll enjoy this.

    To install, you'll need Mixfile Remixer which is available here:
    The tutorial is in the discussion of the resource.

    Please remember to backup your files before replacing them!

    Enjoy :)
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