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[Tutorial] How to change the "Helmet Brand" and "Riding Style" of AI riders

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13 Mods' started by Tommi-TAG, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. [Tutorial] How to change the "Helmet Brand" and "Riding Style" of AI riders

    In this tutorial, I'd like to explain how to change the "Helmet Brand (Shape)" and "Riding Style" of AI riders.

    Tools ( Editor )

    We use the following 2 tools ( editors ) in this modding.

    - Mixfile ReMixer (thanks to LeMic & Luigi Auriemma for this great tool)

    < Download >
    You can download the latest Mixfile ReMixer Ver.0.1.6 here


    < Tutorial >
    If you don't know how to use Mixfile ReMixer, please read this tutorial first.


    - Hex Editor (Binary File Editor)

    Please use your favorite Hex Editor (Binary File Editor).
    If you don't have your own, I personally recommend "HxD".
    Please download your language version from here



    - We have to use the default "DATA.MIX" file when playing Online Multiplayer Mode.
    Please do not forget to make a backup of the original "DATA.MIX" file.

    - Please try and edit this Mod at your own risk.

    How to change the "Helmet Brand (Shape)" and "Riding Style" of AI riders

    ( 1 ) Please do not forget to make a backup of the original "DATA.MIX" file in the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\MotoGP13\DATA.MIX

    < Steam Version >
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP2013\DATA.MIX

    ( 2 ) Unpack "DATA.MIX" file with Mixfile ReMixer.

    ( 3 ) You will find "GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML" file in the unpacked "DATA" folder.


    ( 4 ) Open "GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML" with Hex Editor.

    (e.g.) In this example, I am changing Marc Marquez's Helmet Brand and Riding Style to Casey Stoner's.

    You can find Marc Marquez's section like the following pic.

    [ Before ]

    Now we know ...

    - MotoGP_Marquez - This section is MotoGP Class Marquez's.

    - Helmet - Marquez's Helmet Brand ID is "008"

    - RidingStyle - Marquez's Riding Style ID is "3"

    And you'll soon be able to understand, we can change Marquez's "Helmet Brand" and "Riding Style" by changing these numbers.

    Here are the lists of "Helmet Brand ID" (which rider uses which helmet) and "Riding Style ID".

    < Helmet Brand ID >

    (Note : Not all riders)
    000 (currently seems to be used for "This content requires a DLC" displayed riders)
    001 Dovizioso
    002 Hayden, Pedrosa, Abraham, Edwards, Aoyama, Crutchlow
    003  -
    004 Spies, Lorenzo
    005 Corti, Staring
    006 Hernandez
    007 De Puniet, Espargaro, Laverty
    008 Marquez, B.Smith
    009 Iannone, Bradl, Petrucci, Pesek, Espargaro
    010 Rossi
    011 (Pons)
    012 (Simeon)
    013 (Sucipto)
    014  -
    015 [I.Vinales]
    016  - 
    017 Bautista, Barbera

    ( ) Moto2 Riders, [ ] Moto3 Rider, " - " not in use

    < Riding Style ID >


    (e.g.) In this example, I replace Marc Marquez's textures with Casey Stoner's.




    ( 5 ) Then change Marquez's "Helmet Brand ID" and "Riding Style ID" to Stoner's.

    - Change Helmet Brand ID from "008" (SHOEI) => to "005" (NOLAN)

    - Change Riding Style ID from "3" (Body Out) => to "2" (Shoulders Out)

    (Note : We can find Stoner's ID in "GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML" in "CONTENT.MIX" file
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP2013\DLC\DLC02\CONTENT.MIX )

    Please note, "Overwrite" only numbers and don't change the format.
    If you insert numbers (or characters), and change the format, MotoGP 13 won't read the data properly and the game stops.

    [ After ]

    ( 6 ) Save "GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML" and Repack "DATA.MIX"

    ( 7 ) Launch the game and now we can use Stoner's Helmet texture properly.


    And we can change the Riding Style to suit for Stoner.

    [ Before ]

    [ After ]

    That's it !

    You have to edit the rider's textures to change the helmet if necessary.
    And by using this way, you can change each AI rider's "Helmet Brand" and "Riding Style" too

    Cheers and happy racing :) !

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  2. Awesome tutorial, thank you!
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  3. Hi mate :)
    I've edited the texture of the helmet, but the same brand.
    You can edit the helmet brand of "my gp"?
    If it could be possible, that file must be opened with HxD?
    Sorry for asking so much, I'm editing a lot hehe
  4. how to repack DATA ?
  5. Thanks for comment, jose.
    I'm also glad to share this enjoyment :) !
  6. It seems ML2166 kindly explained in another thread how to change career helmet already.
    I'd like to link to my post too, so that everyone can find the information easily :)

  7. I think it is what I want to know, I want to change the brand. example: change from xlite to shoei or otherwise. The texture I changed now :


    But I do not know how to change the brand, to switch to real pilots looking for the file "GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML" but where is the information of my pilot of "Carreer mode"? I'm lost: (I have many problems with the language too, sorry.) many thanks anyway!
  8. Please read this page :)
  9. As I wrote "Maybe", but I'm not sure at this time :)

  10. Okey man! Thanks for the help ;)
  11. Tommi-TAG: Can you send me Stoner's skins?
  12. Hello, f1mate.
    Milestone kindly makes it possible for us to mod their recent SBK, MotoGP and WRC series. But as we know, "2012 Top Riders" is a Pre-order and Steam specific content. And we can get it by purchasing Steam version. So, I can shared the modding way but can't share their specific content itself, sorry. This is the rule of the modding community, and also the rule of here at RD too I think :)
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  13. Tommi-TAG: Do you know how can I change nationality of rider?
  14. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Why do I change the number to be broken in addition there is a white number in why please answer
  15. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    MotoGP13 2013-08-03 12-07-16-82.jpg Please help me please27x
  16. DDS Alpha Channel I'd say, it doesn't take over the transparency from the number's backround
  17. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Are you able to tell me how to make it transparent
  18. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Are you able to share his video tutorial or if you can show how one by one please