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Manfeild Park by Daniel Greenwood 1.1

Manfeild Park V1.1 by Daniel Greenwood

  1. Denis Betty
    Manfeild Park by Daniel Greenwood has 5 layouts. These are:
    The original 3.03 km circuit run in a clockwise direction. This is the layout most commonly used at Manfeild.
    The original circuit plus the newer extension - this provides a circuit length of 4.51 km, clockwise direction.
    The above 2 layouts run in reverse direction - be carefull as the corners tend to tighten on exit when run counter-clockwise.
    The 5th layout is the extension run on its own, which is often used for test sessions. It includes a totally ficticious start light and grass pit area, purely for timing purposes. This layout is 1.5 km, and provides particularly tight racing with the likes of the rtrainers.