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Make Williams Colorful Again [Modular Mods] [ERP Template]

Make Williams Colorful Again [Modular Mods] [ERP Template] 1.0

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No more blue/white boring Williams. Give Williams all the colors back! This mod enables editing the Williams livery like Mercedes, so _c _d and _s textures, full colors and chrome are available. _m is not used any longer.​
This is just a template for modders, no final skin ;-)​


This mod is part of [Modular Mods] and has Modular Mods - Base Files as required mod to be existing or installed in the main F1 2020 folder.​

  1. Copy livery_williams.erp to F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\.
    If you do not have that folder, check the requirements first.
  2. Use the ERP to your liking, insert your beautiful livery, create a mod and link to the Modular Mods Base Files; please do not include the Base Files in your mod, as they get updated from time to time.

Simply move the copied file from F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\ up to ..\_Modular_Mods\ or delete it.​

  • This mod is based on my modular system and will not function without the base files. Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with any original file.
  • The mod uses and creates no mipmap files, since those are saved into the .erp like in past F1 games.
  • This mod will, when loaded, overwrite other copy & paste mods that are not based on the Modular Mods System.
  • It will also replace my normal F1 livery template for Williams as they share the same filename.
  • Wireframes have been included as raw files (thanks to Kine), have fun!
  • I will add a version for F1 Teams to MyTeam at a later point

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