Magny cours cameras 1.01

cameras.ini cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini cameras_4.ini

  1. Black Wagtail
    ・cameras.ini  TV 1 (middle_long cam)
    ・cameras_1.ini TV 2 (near_middle cam)
    ・cameras_2.ini TV 3 (long_middle cam)
    ・cameras_3.ini TV 4 (static cam)
    ・cameras_4.ini TV 5 (near_middle cam)

    Select by Replay Interface or F3 key
    Assetto corsa ver 1.5 - Fixed Camera selection on Replay Interface

    un zip

    Display long distance shadow as much as possible
    Display the shadows of a mirror moving to the body of the target car from a long distance as much as possible
    There are a place displayed clearly and the place that is not displayed clearly by time and etc (Small FOV is remarkable)
    Change the place where a tree and others are in to the camera frame
    FOV may be disturbed
    Far-off shadow may be disturbed

    track link

    AI link
    The camera does not work without AI

    Keyboard shortcuts 
    F1 : cycle car cameras
    F2 : random cameras
    F3 : track cameras
    F5 : pivot camera around the car
    F6 : cycle on-board cameras​

    cameras.ini TV 1
    Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-22-34.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-23-29.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-25-4.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-25-35.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-27-1.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-28-13.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-29-16.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-30-47.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-31-9.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_magny_cours_0_1_26-7-115-15-31-34.jpg
    cameras_1.ini TV 2
    cameras_2.ini TV 3
    cameras_3.ini TV 4
    cameras_4.ini TV 5

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