LUT Generator for AC

LUT Generator for AC 0.15

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What is this?
This is a tool that produces an FFB lookup table for AC. It is used to (hopefully) correct the non-linear behavior of the motors located on our steering wheels.

This automated FFB LUT Generator for AC uses as input the csv file produced by WheelCheck.

How to use:
  1. Run WheelCheck
  2. "Max Count" should be at least 50 in box. Lower values work, but 50 or even 100 give better results.
  3. Select "Step Log 2 (linear force test)" and wait until the test stops.
  4. Extract you've just downloaded wherever you want and run LUTGenerator.exe
  5. Open the csv that was just generated by WheelCheck.
  6. Save the generated LUT in My Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ folder, eg myLUT.lut
  7. Open ff_post_process.ini located in My Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ and make sure the TYPE=LUT, ENABLED=1 and CURVE = Generated LUT filename
  8. MIN FORCE should be set to 0 in Assetto Corsa!!

After this, do not alter the FFB Strength in your wheel's profiler!! If you change the FFB Gain in your wheel's profiler, you should rerun wheelcheck+lutgenerator.

Step 7 clarification:
For example, if the file you produced with LUTGenerator is myLUT.lut, then this is how the ff_post_process.ini should look:




Latest updates

  1. Better smoothing algorithms, graph added.

    Improvement: Updated the smoothing algorithms for wheelcheck output. This should help if you use...
  2. wheelcheck csv spike filtering + decimal point override to always use '.'

    Improvements: * Decimal point for lut output is set to '.' regardless of the system settings. *...

Latest reviews

Cant get it to run the test, I waited for a long time, restarted my PC, tried everything people suggested it still wont do it.
For anyone not able to generate a csv file, disable your antivirus. I have Avast, and disabling the antivirus temporarily until the log was generated fixed the issue.
It's good! It works. WheelCheck creates a CSV file in C:/My Documents! Check that folder!
where in the document folder?
great, and for those wondering the csv file is saved in documents
Where is the Lut file being saved. I've checked everywhere
Excellent, does not need a fix as the csv is saved in your Documents folder. Works fine.
Wheelchecker doesn't generate csv file. Judging by the comments upvotes alot of people have the same problem. This needs a fix. Untill then 1 star
If the test doesn't begin, restart your PC and try again.
Love it.
great tool works as intended.
WheelCheck link is not working, please help
I found the test only worked for me if I didn't have the content manager open. Probably best to run this LUT generator after a fresh PC restart.
For ppl that the test didn't do anything and the wheel not moving, that's because u need to open the program after plugin the wheel
i was using defaults before felt "OK" with it but switching to this made it feel like a new wheel except my g27 keeps having a seizure when in the start line or pits basically everytime i stop
I finally feel comfortable with my Logitech G29 and running the Formula 2021 mod by RSS after making these changes. Pretty simple set up, but I needed a little more help and found a Youtube video that has a pretty good walk thru and explanation of what is happening with this. If you are having trouble with the steps in this check this out:
Thanks so much for the guide and download. Everything executed as intended with the exception of gamma in the "ff_post_process.ini" reverting back (seemingly self editing) to 0.5 from 1 each time I ran the game. I use content manager and resolved a work around but that is a question for another forum. Thanks again!
i have followed every step and when i put step 2 on wheel check it does nothing. PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great tool! I love the additional post-processing on the WheelCheck output, so the values are consistent. I've gone and implemented LUT support for my own application too, and I'll certainly refer to this as *the* place to generate LUTs from.

In short - yeah, it easily and completely fixes overshoot/deadzones in the force feedback, it's easy to use and understand and overall a neat piece of software. Some more integration with WheelCheck would be neat (e.g. embed & launch it) but eh, third party software.
Works, for anyone having trouble running the WheelCheck test, restart your PC, the test takes a good 15-30 seconds to start once you select it automatically, once it's done it generates the file in the Documents folder.

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