LUT Generator for AC

LUT Generator for AC 0.15

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What is this?
This is a tool that produces an FFB lookup table for AC. It is used to (hopefully) correct the non-linear behavior of the motors located on our steering wheels.

This automated FFB LUT Generator for AC uses as input the csv file produced by WheelCheck.

How to use:
  1. Run WheelCheck
  2. "Max Count" should be at least 50 in box. Lower values work, but 50 or even 100 give better results.
  3. Select "Step Log 2 (linear force test)" and wait until the test stops.
  4. Extract you've just downloaded wherever you want and run LUTGenerator.exe
  5. Open the csv that was just generated by WheelCheck.
  6. Save the generated LUT in My Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ folder, eg myLUT.lut
  7. Open ff_post_process.ini located in My Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ and make sure the TYPE=LUT, ENABLED=1 and CURVE = Generated LUT filename
  8. MIN FORCE should be set to 0 in Assetto Corsa!!

After this, do not alter the FFB Strength in your wheel's profiler!! If you change the FFB Gain in your wheel's profiler, you should rerun wheelcheck+lutgenerator.

Step 7 clarification:
For example, if the file you produced with LUTGenerator is myLUT.lut, then this is how the ff_post_process.ini should look:



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Latest updates

  1. Better smoothing algorithms, graph added.

    Improvement: Updated the smoothing algorithms for wheelcheck output. This should help if you use...
  2. wheelcheck csv spike filtering + decimal point override to always use '.'

    Improvements: * Decimal point for lut output is set to '.' regardless of the system settings. *...

Latest reviews

"5, Open the csv that was just generated by WheelCheck."
Change to
"5. Open the csv that was just generated into your Documents folder by WheelCheck"

It was hard to find where is the generated file which is not generated in the same folder where of the executable. ;)
Honestly the game is another game now. This is INCREDIBLE. Thank you SO SOOOOO much
THX good feel for G29
Can someone please tell me wheel check won't to the test and I haven't changed anything
Does anyone else have the problem with the wheel check link not loading? says the site cant be reached... :(
Doesn't work at all with my TMX. It doesnt detect my pedals or wheel anymore.
I have a logitech g920, for some reason it does not see the steering wheel and does not want to determine it
can someone help me when i run wheelcheck linear test my wheel does not move or start the test
If i change my wheel and load another .LUT, each time i have to modify ff_post_process.ini ? Why is it not autmatic when we choose the type of ffb process in content manager ?
great software, had major skaking issues with my wheel when centered / driving straight after running this and then generating the lut all issues were gone
excellent program it work so good
Really cleaned up the feel of my G29 wheel. Instructions could be more clear, but I was able to complete and test within 5 minutes. Great work.
Brilliant much needed for AC
I will literally pay someone to setup this up for me, Im sick of messing with it. I get what it supposed to be doing and how it should feel, can anyone help? Haha
Worked so well to remove a persistent "shudder" in my G920. At first I admit, I needed to watch a YouTube video to complete all the steps properly, but now that I've calibrated my wheel, I don't know how I could live without the resource. Kudos to the author!
app doesnt work
This tool is invaluable for increased performance. I have a question though: what about FFB filter? What should we leave that set mine's at 5%
This really makes huge difference with G27 wheel. I just want to ask that should I use Logitech profiler for Assetto Corsa at all? Any other good tips for further settings?
Works great. Calibration def makes the steering feel more natural.
However, the instructions could be MUCH clearer. Does not say anything about the CSV file being in My Documents and that you have to create the .ini file yourself with notepad. Had to hunt down those important details in forums.
Essential application, big thanks and has helped me out a couple of times now!