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LuccaRing - Circuito dei Baluardi 1.0

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All donors and contributors will receive an email with instructions to download v1.0 HD and any following update.

In case you donated and are not receiviving our email, please PM me with the e-mail you used on the Paypal donation form.

Delete any previous Luccaring folder in your "../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/", extract the package using 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) into "../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/"
and you should end up with:
containing all the track files.

Luccaring v1.0 SD is the public release, packaged with reduced textures resolution for better performance on lower end PCs and to fit RaceDepartment maximum upload size limits;
Luccaring v1.0 HD is packaged with full resolution textures (this means you need a decent cpu and a powerful GPU with at least 4Gb of RAM) and is available for download to contributors on the official website www.directo.it/luccaring
LuccaRing SD should look not much different than the HD version for monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080.
If you can afford a powerful PC, a triple monitor / VR setup, consider making a donation to enjoy the track in full-res, and to help us with hosting, bandwidth costs and further development.

Folder structure and file names of SD and HD versions are exactly the same, so they are fully compatible with each other for online racing.

Be sure to read the included Release Notes / Changelog, and to visit the official LuccaRing website for the latest news, updates, screenshots and more.

Be a contributor to help us build new layouts running over the walls and through parts of the inner city... and get early beta access to major builds!

Track info
Length: 5450m
Number of turns: 16
Direction: clockwise
Pit boxes: 23
AI, v0.7 included
4 camera sets, courtesy of mr. Norbs and mr. Crunchie

File size
413.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.97 star(s) 112 ratings

Latest updates

  1. LuccaRing 1.0 SD

    v1.0 Changelog: A full photogrammetric scan of the monumental walls + some hidden monuments and...
  2. Update v0.9 SD

    Version 0.9 From now on 2 versions are available: Luccaring v0.9 SD is packaged with reduced...

Latest reviews

Such a great city track, thank you !
Great circuit, looks so pretty. Perfect for taking that Ferrari for a spin in Italy.
Excellent, thank you!
Molto bello. Excellent city circuit.
One of the best if not THE best city tracks ever!
Holy moly what a great track! Nice work!
uf Amazing track,Keep working
amazing work, made a donation, waiting the email with DL link. Cheers!
By far and by 1000m the best fantasy street circuit I have yet to come across. Brilliant flow, fun to drive, beautiful to look at and can produce good racing after the AI settles into their groove. I don't hold that against you though. Wonderful.
Thanks for the nice review :)
Please see the following post to download an updated AI ;)
Amazing work
My favorite street circuit in AC. Very nicely done.
maledizione, per colpa tua adesso ogni volta che passo dal centro di Lucca dovrò cercare le traiettorie.
As a city course it's one of the best around.

My gripes;
The kerbs and sidewalks are not smooth they're very jagged and this ruins the immersion.

The buildings are mostly flat and square meshes with no further detailing to them which makes the city look fake.

The texture work is blurry despite being 1k textures.

The tree textures and meshes look awful and worse than Kunos 2D trees, the trees here look like cardboard trees.

Where to improve? The building meshes, smoothing out the kerb and sidewalk, replace the trees near the sidewalk with low-poly 3D ones.
Among the best mods for Assetto Corsa, like EVER.
Very impressive work.
Excellent track, in my favorites! (except for the large speed bump)
Excellent! Incredible detail and fantastic racing.
Congatulazioni ragazzi ,avete fatto un lavoro fantastico , grazie per il vostro duro lavoro !
sei un pazzo fottuto ma ti stimo....pure il negozio della 3......ciò luccioni agli occhi
amazing job
I love this track. I'm from Norway and I visit Lucca every year. Lucca is my favorit city in Italia. And of course I have donated
tracciato al massimo del realismo visivo e molto guidabile! complimenti!
A masterpiece! It prompted me to drive to Lucca during our Italian summer vacation :)
i enjoy this track, i would like to donate but my currency is very devalued so I wonder if donated 1 euro would have access to the hd version, keep in mind that the official dlc cost me about 2 to 4 euros in steam, greetings.
No worries, there's no minimum fee :)
Simply a masterpiece! Love the details. Should be on an official DLC!
Thank you,only fantastic Track,absolut top Work
I have send you a Donation to get the HD Version
Thanks :) (check your mail and spam for the confirmation!)

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