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LuccaRing - Circuito dei Baluardi 1.0

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All donors and contributors will receive an email with instructions to download v1.0 HD and any following update.

In case you donated and are not receiviving our email, please PM me with the e-mail you used on the Paypal donation form.

Delete any previous Luccaring folder in your "../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/", extract the package using 7zip ( into "../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/"
and you should end up with:
containing all the track files.

Luccaring v1.0 SD is the public release, packaged with reduced textures resolution for better performance on lower end PCs and to fit RaceDepartment maximum upload size limits;
Luccaring v1.0 HD is packaged with full resolution textures (this means you need a decent cpu and a powerful GPU with at least 4Gb of RAM) and is available for download to contributors on the official website
LuccaRing SD should look not much different than the HD version for monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080.
If you can afford a powerful PC, a triple monitor / VR setup, consider making a donation to enjoy the track in full-res, and to help us with hosting, bandwidth costs and further development.

Folder structure and file names of SD and HD versions are exactly the same, so they are fully compatible with each other for online racing.

Be sure to read the included Release Notes / Changelog, and to visit the official LuccaRing website for the latest news, updates, screenshots and more.

Be a contributor to help us build new layouts running over the walls and through parts of the inner city... and get early beta access to major builds!

Track info
Length: 5450m
Number of turns: 16
Direction: clockwise
Pit boxes: 23
AI, v0.7 included
4 camera sets, courtesy of mr. Norbs and mr. Crunchie


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Latest reviews

Great circuit for the Abarth and similar cars. Beautiful scenery and great detail.
Very nice street circuit
Wonderful track for cars like vintage and modern minis especially. I am usually not a fan of tight street tracks but this is something really special!
really cool!
Exceptional layout, a constant enjoyment of mastery of the vehicle.
Did a video about the track (in german)
Going to Lucca as a child my eyes lit up seeing this track. thank you for making this mate. top track, very accurate to life.
Cannot say anything bad about this track. It's nice to look at and fun to drive. Top quality!
Great fun to drive on and stunningly detailed.
excellent street circuit, thank you
The mod looks not bad already in the SD version, but the HD version is by far better. Very good work.
Amazing detail great for racing in the evening
Such a great city track, thank you !
Great circuit, looks so pretty. Perfect for taking that Ferrari for a spin in Italy.
Excellent, thank you!