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Lotus Classic for 2-Eleven 1.1

lotus classic

  1. ericn43
    Skin original credit to Kunos Simulazioni.

    Install: extract the zip file to [Steam Client Installation Path]\ Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\lotus_2_eleven\skins


    After I've decided to make a classic Lotus-green with yellow stripes skin for 2-Eleven, I surprisingly found it's already been done by Kunos Simulazioni, right in the skin template.

    Maybe they just wanted to avoid a duplicate to the GT4 version of 2-Eleven. But actually I'm pretty fond of this style and I don't mind a duplicate. So I picked it up and added some ingredients of my own.

    Firstly, the thin lines alone both sides were removed. For pure classic and simplicity.

    Secondly, the color of the driver's suit is tweaked. Pretty lowered profile, less visual conflict to the style of the car. Not a heavy duty, but it just works and gets it looking better.

    Thirdly, the rear metal part looks very "shiny" in-game, so I made it a lot more dimmish. The alpha channel has been modified as well.

    And finally, the logo in the skin file was replaced with the one in "ac_crew.dds", it seemingly appears on the front hood of the car.

    Hope you'll like this skin ;)


    1. 2014-07-23_000291.jpg

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    I like. Thanks.
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