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Lime Rock Park (3 Seasons, 3 Layouts) 1.03

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EDIT V1.02 :


Hi all.

Here come Lime Rock Park.

3 layouts according to recent changes made to the track.
Fast and challenging track for great battles.
I have created 3 seasons variations to add variety and fun ;)
Will not explain all the work we have done here, poeple dont care and just want to drive :roflmao:

Thanks to Gringo for his work on curbs, pits and AIW of course (among other things).
Thanks to JoRo for textures.
Thanks to Denis for layouts pictures.
Thnaks to Luigi for his excellent cams.

Latest updates

  1. Maintenance update

    (LimeRockPark_AMS_V1.03.7z) MD5 = 3CABB3D56A92EDA01D5811173E745579 A maintenance update for...
  2. grass texture update (summer/fall) - GDB update for air temp

    NOTE : delete the hat files of LRP in the userdata/Log/hat directory if you experience problems...

Latest reviews

Does not work for me!!! Haven't personally met anyone who got it to run, so not sure what the issue is since there are obviously good reviews!
Thanks for sharing this awesome track!
Beautiful. Nice flow and exceptional attention to detail. Thanks!
This track is freaking brillian! HOWEVER, it's far from being well optimized. On the "Minimum Track details", it's still miles away from having the minimum necessary objects, and so performance is much worse compared to other tracks.

Other than that, if I had a better PC then it would be a 5 star rating for me.
I cannot install this correctly and need help. I've tried dragging the contents into the track folder and dragging the whole LRP folder into tracks and it never works. It tells me in mod manager that no track was found
High top quality.
Good track man Can your made the circuit de Valencia again please? im from Valencia and i need this traks.
Hi. How can I change the AI path? Sometimes the AI get too close to a side road objects and crashes into it.
How can you not be starting your own Sim Game business, I don't know! The Sim Racing Community is truly blessed to have your talents. Again, a stunning modded track! *****
Thanks,nice track
More tireless work by Gringo with an awesome result. We are so fortunate to have the track pack updated to the latest standards.
Another nice update, AI are good and provide good racing. Track has never looked better.
Thanks to Gringo for the update and to Patrick and the team.
Accurate track, great graphics as well! As others have said, looks very professional
Wow! Dont think i ever seen this track look this professional. Always been half assed versions. This one looks like a real juicy track. Thanks a lot!
Thanks for the update, this is very much appreciated :)
I met a bug: can not drive out of garage, there is a trap/hole on the ground at the garage area.
Patrick Giranthon
You should try to just delete the hat files of LRP in \UserData\LOG\HAT directory if you experience problems
Great !
amazing, I have always loved Lime Rock, so much to do on such a tiny track, this track is Perfect !!!
Fantastic rendition of Lime Rock, getting so much enjoyment out of this track. Thank you again we greatly appreciate your top quality work! You do spoil us Patrick!
One of my all time favorite tracks. Simply amazing work. Thanks for all your hard work I really appreciate it!
Patrick Giranthon
File size
220.4 MB
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User rating
4.83 star(s) 46 ratings

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