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Lightgreen Caterham 1.0

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This is the Lightgreen Caterham, the same I made for F1 2013. It´s the final version, but if there is feedback I will see what I can do.
Feedback is very welcome

Install: Extract it into the F1 2014 main folder

2014-10-29_00016.jpg 2014-10-29_00017.jpg 2014-10-29_00018.jpg 2014-10-29_00019.jpg 2014-10-29_00020.jpg

I hope you enjoy it!

Latest reviews

Ingame it looks amazing , kinda makes me want to do a carrer mode with catheram :D
Pretty cool, and my favorite color too. :)
Adrian Watermann
Adrian Watermann
Yeah, thx. It´s the same color I used for the F1 2013 mod
Better green than the original so mail the factory ,maybe...
Adrian Watermann
Adrian Watermann
Unfortunaly they don´t have money ;(
Adrian Watermann
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