LegaCorsa.com RSS F2 V8 2017 skins by SecondSkins.nl 1.0

29 truly unique 4K skins incl. matching helmet

  1. OzBoz
    This skinpack contains 29 personalised skins based on a design I created for our RSS F2 championship. All drivers have personalised helmets in car colours. Besides the colours every car contains a unique _map file for the glossy/matte parts for a realistic appearance.

    All skins are 4K but not that heavy on the memory of your graphics card since I kept the file size down throwing away the alpha channels.

    For more information about Lega Corsa, just go to www.legacorsa.com and if you enjoy this skin pack please like https://www.facebook.com/secondskins.nl/

    Thanks to the guys at RaceSimStudio for the awesome mod they created!

    If you like to donate: https://paypal.me/pools/c/81AX4TEke2

    Race on!

    Oscar - oscar@secondskins.nl / Other skins from me

    1.png 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Laurence Dusoswa
    Laurence Dusoswa
    Version: 1.0
    Simply stunning. An amazingly colourful grid and the diversity is awesome. Really happy to be a part of this
  2. Klabautermann
    Version: 1.0
    High quality skins, thanks for your work!
  3. englishpointer
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful work!
    1. OzBoz
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Was quite some work but happy you like it!
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