Lausitzring 1.51

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Updates and fixes in version 1.51:
  • fixed AI in DTM 2021 layout
  • added some new features to CSP config
Fixes and updates in v1.50:
- added DTM 2021 layout
- some small tweaks for surface settings
- added one extra layout dedicated to multiplayer with closed short pit entry road (fixes fast times in quali when going to pit)
- improved some materials all around the track
- fixed crashing with CSP "merge meshes" setting
Updates and fixes in v. 1.31

Just a small and probably last update :)
- extended pit slots to total 42 for all layouts
- advertisements reverted to default rf2 state
- added files for custom banner skinning (skins/default directory)
Updates and fixes in version 1.3
- replaced the whole windfarm with new models
- added some skidmarks to GP and DTM layouts
- fixed some issues with cameras in GP camera sets
- added AI hints for T1 for GP and DTM layout to make T1 more safe for AI
- fixed some textures in pit area
- improved some additional materials around the track
- updated CSP config's windmill section
Changes and updates in version 1.2
- added some new camera sets to DTM and GP layouts
- improved oval camera set
- fixed wrong surface detection by AC engine for some meshes
- added camera facing crowd
- improved some materials across the track
- some windmills are rotating now (CSP 1.36 and higher only!)
- additional optimisation of meshes and materials
- new grooves for all layouts
Initial 1.0 track update with some hotfixes :)

- improved grooves
- improved track optimisation for different world settings

- initial release
Updates and fixes in version 0.93:
  • fixed T1 missing collider in oval and DTM layout
  • fixed checkpoints in oval layout (should count laps correctly now)
  • fixed road visual smoothing (visible mostly during nights)
  • added lights and some other meshes to support shader patch lights (thx to leBluem)
  • fully reworked terrain and sand textures on the track - still WIP, needs some finetuning
  • added shader patch configuration directly to the mod (thx x4fab and leBluem)
  • finetuned road material and some other materials all around the track
  • fixed some other small issues raised on the support forum I don't even remember now :)
  • added ambient sound to the track and reverb effect between the pits and the main grandstand - need some tuning
  • added test version of track grooves to all layouts
It took quite a long time to rework the terrain textures but it should look much better now (big thx Digga for support and help). I will probably try to do it much detailed later and supported by proper normal maps, I just need some feedback from you guys whether it is going into the right direction :)
Updates and fixes in version 0.92:
  • fixed pitline AI in all layouts (thanks to @Frank25)
  • fixed AI crashing to bariers in GP layout
  • fixed wrong objects on track in oval layout
  • fixed grass placement across the whole track
  • fixed wrong shadows for crowds
  • fixed some trees and grass materials (reflections and specular) - needs some more tuning
  • fixed wrong track name (according to info from Digga)
  • added basic camera set for oval layout
  • fixed some wrong smoothing in some meshes of the track