Lausitz Eurospeedway

Lausitz Eurospeedway v1.1

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  1. Lausitz Eurospeedway v1.1

    fixed stop indicator pit

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2 stars for the work - 1 star for the effort.

The track in real isn`t that flat, it has little up and downs, especially in turn 1 , turn 4 , turn 9 and turn 11 .
last one goes to a steep curve - here: flat.

Sorry guys, well thought but badly implemented.
Thank you!
Right circuit without more
AI problem is still there. How to fix it?
I really like this track. Too bad there are no updates or fixes.
This mod is not bad but has a critical problem with the AI path. Almost every car on the pit side of the starting grid will not start the race or will take a very long time to slowly exit this "stall". Furthermore they will often crash on right wall after the starting line, just before the first left turn. Tried and tested the above problems with 3 different cars and classes (road, gt and formulas).
thank you cranck for sharing and complete adac track gt master 2015
Thank you
Nice job, thumbs up! ;-)
It looks really nice and downloading now.. A good place to take my livery update photos :)
Thank you very much nice work!!
Thank you
Good job Crank!
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