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jumps and bumps are all there, good work
hey there is jokke still alive in this save or is he at the bridge
Jouko alive in this save game, and i didn't take money from suitcase.
P.S. all things spawned with help "MSC editor", only money created in "Cheat box".
Thank you for feedback!
you would make this helmet for a career
I dont know why but I cant see in my game those new shiny tyres. They are already worn off in the showroom for example. And didnt notice rubber pieces on tyres like in one of the screens here.
Play on standard tyres and don't worry about it...
No instructions on mod installation
my game crashes whenever i use this mod needs fixing
Enjoyed it
Awesome vintage track, thanks you for the great work!
I really, really like it.
A really good mod, love it. But if possible could it be made that we can add our custom radio stations? Like have one for Electronic music and other for Rock and what not, because having to manage around 20 CDs is really a pain. Then it would be perfect. Thank you for this mod.
#1 drift circuit in the world, thanks
Awesome job,Thank you.
Nice work!
i cant get it to work plz help
Great work!!!
Nice work mate!
Jack Hintz
Jack Hintz
Cheers mate! Glad you like it.
My # 1 skins for the last 6 months, but cant find it, only see VLN 912 and 911 only...dropped in 2.3 and cant find it......will keep looking?
juste delete all old version files and put this mas file in "rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\Porsche_911_GT3_R_2018\1.65"
Excellent job! I love your NFS Tournament mods. But one short question: I've noticed that for some cars the bonnet view is shifted driver side (I love it) and for some others card it is centered. Is there a reason for that? Could it be possible to modify it? Thanks.