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Lancia DELTA S4 - Red Martini livery, Lancia ECV inspired 0.9

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CAR: Lancia Delta S4
So this is my first skin, i hope you will enjoy !

I wanted a red Martini livery for the S4, but it does not exist (or i missed it). But fortunately, the amazing ECV concept from Lancia (the car that was suposed to replace the S4 in group B) was wearing a red martini livery. And the car shapes are pretty similar, so i tried to adapt it to the S4.

In order to respect the fact that the ECV only had two front light, i have covered the two inside headlight. I also "cut" the light on this two light, but unfortunately it also cut two light on the night addon ramp. I may change that if you are uncomfortable with that.(they also don't broke. That's not a bug, it's a feature !)

This is a 4k only skin for now.

Again, this is my first skin, so don't hesitate to comment and flag any problem with it.

0.9 screenshots

2015-11-19_00004.jpg 2015-11-19_00012.jpg 2015-11-19_00013.jpg 2015-11-19_00021.jpg 2015-11-19_00022.jpg 2015-11-19_00023.jpg 2015-11-19_00024.jpg 2015-11-19_00026.jpg

0.5 screenshots
2015-11-17_00014.jpg 2015-11-17_00021.jpg 2015-11-17_00033.jpg 2015-11-17_00028.jpg 2015-11-17_00029.jpg 2015-11-17_00032.jpg 2015-11-17_00016.jpg
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    Hello, I updated a few things : -The body color is now less burgundy, more red. -I fixed the...

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Great work!
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Excellent work!
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A big thanks from me bro..
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For a first skin, not only is it great quality, but its quite the challenge. Excellent work!
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This looks really good. Pretty cool idea too
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