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Lakeside Park Raceway (conversion from rfactor) 2018-08-10

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Full credit to Mikec87 for creating this orsum track an giving me permission to upload it.
30 grid slots.
reworked the textures using 3dsimed.An did smooth a few bumps out for the AI
AI's not to bad as far as tintops an historics but F1 an the VRC cart cars do struggle in race.they tend to pile up at the last turn or one goes very slow an back the field up.
Have included the original read me file.
A short lap with a full field an you do hav to push hard to get to the front.hell of alot of fun.
Neil Shaw
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awesome track. many memories going there as a kid
Muy buen trabajo, muchas gracias, y animo, sigue asi.
Thank you
such a great track in real life and well recreated here too. probably the only way to race it now.. I've enjoyed it with a TVR Tuscon mod, so nice V8 racer on a tight circuit, marvellous!
Hi...i had only an hour with the track.
firstly big thanks for making this available..i have been trying to find this on Assetto for the longest time. Any time around this track (virtual or real) improves lap times. I rate this track highly as it feels the right layout. the bumps are perhaps slightly high just before hungry but then it would depend on the suspension set up...

I have one question..the video provided shows a track of better road edge resolution than my computer is producing (with all the settings on high or ultimate). I have a Nvidia card (not super fast @ 1050) but able to manage with one or two cars on the track at high res...Am i missing something in the settings? to make the track edge (white line) as well defined as in the video provided?

5 stars on effort and content.
thank you
I was really hoping for more here :( Lakeside is my local track just 5min drive from my home .
I really hope you spend more time on this and I can give more stars . I will just continue waiting for the rF2 version that is very near release ;)
Nice job. Wish I new how to convert tracks. Keep it up.
Neil Shaw
Neil Shaw
originally wanted to convert the wellington 500 rfactor track.but the file are encripted or corupted so never got anywhere with. but i ended up with lemalands , coff harbour road course. fvr gold coast 600 an just started the kirald sart rally. it gets abit addictive . there still only rfactor tracks. not really upto the assetto corsa quality. but it fun to race on sum of them
Looks pretty good. I first started racing FF1600 at Lakeside in the early 1970s, it was really bumpy!!!
Your effort is similar to the much later years before it closed.
I was one of the team who developed this for GPL.
Nice to see it see the light of day for AC..
Neil Shaw
Neil Shaw
credit for the work dun.great job. the bumps are orsum!