Laguna Seca by Com8 1.2

Laguna Seca V1.2, a TRD Conversion by *Com8* (16.01.2009)

  1. Denis Betty
    Laguna Seca by Com8

    changes to v1.1:
    - updated curbs to 2008 spec
    - remapped track surface
    - retextured many parts of the track (infield/outside etc.)
    - new modeled buildings
    - new trackcams by Thorsten Rueter (4-slot-set!)
    - added ALMS version with nightlights and adboards
    - added ambient sounds
    - fixed flickering ads on bridges by remapping
    - fixed tree popup on hill
    - reworked sandtraps and gravelpits tdf-wise (less sticky)
    - new loading screens from Taku

    The track is uploaded here, primarily for the use of members or RD HistorX Racing Club, so no pics necessary.
    All RD users are, of course, welcome to make use of this resource.
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Recent Reviews

  1. vadhil
    Version: 1.2
    i hope you can create more circuits for low end spec PCs
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