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ks_ferrari_f138 Tyre Textures 1.02


  1. Jach
    For Shaders Patch - Dynamic Light users (0.1.22 or later), you can:
    1、Open Shaders Patch - Dynamic Light folder
    2、Copy "extension" folder to your assettocorsa folder
    3、Copy "ks_ferrari_f138.ini" to either assettocorsa\extension\config\cars or *:\Users\*your name*\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\extension\cars

    PS. This works for FO2013, too. If you want to use it alongside Shaders Patch - Dynamic Light, you can just create some .ini file in the same folder of ks_ferrari_f138.ini with the content of only "[INCLUDE] INCLUDE=ks_ferrari_f138.ini" and name it to the folder name of the 2013 cars such as"fo_2013_caterham_le.ini"
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Recent Reviews

  1. asehauDLM
    Version: 1.01
    Very nice, thank you!
  2. Kjell81d
    Version: 1.01
    Can you do wet and inter tyres too?
    1. Jach
      Author's Response
      I'm afraid not, sorry. This car's 4 tires share one texture together so there may be problems on wet tires since left and right wet tires have different directions. As we can see in this pic https://i.imgur.com/9AijJWN.jpg the 2 left tires have a wrong direction. BTW the wet tires of davewilliams' tire pack for formula hybrid 2018 works well on 2018 cars while there seems to be also a direction problem on formula hybrid 2017. So I think it depends on the car.
  3. RomanSerg
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