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Kissmyrank in-game spotter app (with voice) v1.1

This is KMR in-game spotter app, with added English and Italian voice announcing

  1. pensionisti23
    This is an updated version of the original Kissmyrank in-game spotter app, but added voice announcer, in Italian and English. you can set it in the app setting. The app can be used only in Kissmyrank servers, it will give you Voice announcement for VSC, Blue Flags, damage in the car, speed limits, etc... so you can keep focus on your driving and don't miss important server announcements, and avoid getting penalized.
    here's the original version of the app. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/kissmyrank-in-game-spotter-app.20503/

    I found it very difficult to concentrate in the race while need to see server announcements on top, so i decided to further edit the original app to Voice announce the Important server announcements.

    *keep in mind you have to activate the app in Assetto Corsa after installing it, for more refer to the readme.txt file.
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