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Kartodromo Drift Mania (Event Edition)

Kartodromo Drift Mania (Event Edition) v1.0

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Kartodromo Drift Mania
(Event/Championship layout)

The event layout of the Kartodromo Drift Mania map.
It supports csp and sol and has rain config as well.
Enjoy it! #GRSD #GreekSideways #BVTzenamo #Championship

drift tarmac/asphalt
- 20 pit boxes
- replay cameras
- sol support
- shaders patch
- event edition
- clipping points
- grass fx/rainfx
- vao patch
- hot lap
- lights
- map

bgr03.jpg bgr02.jpg bgr01.jpg bgr00.jpg
bgr07.jpg bgr06.jpg bgr05.jpg bgr04.jpg

For any donations via PAYPAL:

Youtube Channel:

Cheers and have fun :)
BV Tzenamo
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