Kartodromo Cacador SC beta 1.0

kart Cacador Brasil

  1. rodrigo cascaes
    Kartodromo feito no Bons track Builder. Feito totalmente através de videos e fotos, se tiver alguém de cacador com fotos e que queira ajudar me envia uma MP.


    Extensão: 1050 metros
    Largura: 8 metros
    Curvas: 15 (9 para a esquerda e 6 para a direita)
    Sentido: Anti-horário
    Nome oficial: Kartódromo Tutas Olsen – homenagem a um kartista local, falecido em um acidente de trânsito nos anos 80

    Se gostarem da pista e quiserem converter para outros simuladores tem a minha permissão.

    site: http://cacadorkartclube.blogspot.com.br/

    Google Translate:
    Kartodromo made in Bobs Track Builder. Made entirely through videos and photos, if you have someone from the town of Cacador with photos and want to help send me a PM.


    Length: 1050 meters
    Width: 8 meters
    Curves: 15 (9 and 6 to left to right)
    Direction: Anti-clockwise
    Official name: Karting Tutas Olsen - named after a local kartista, who died in a traffic accident in 80 years

    If they like the track and want to convert to other simulators have my permission.

    site: http://cacadorkartclube.blogspot.com.br/
    video http://youtu.be/Fm65lxOOhOY

Recent Reviews

  1. threecounties
    Version: beta 1.0
    Layout is nice and it drives well but with the generic grandstands and nothing else to tell you where this is, it feels a bit soulless. If 3DSimEd worked with GSCE I would immediately delete the frozen 2D spectators (a pet peeve of mine) and this would improve it somewhat. Nonetheless a nice job and thank you for posting it.
    1. rodrigo cascaes
      Author's Response
      Thanks for tour review this is my very first track. I AM learning about 3d modelling and maybe in future i will put more realistic scenario on it.