JN Racing Dash 1.0

Digital dashboard skin for PDash app

  1. Janne Nieminen.
    This is a skin for PDash app.


    JN Racing Dash skin is with the following features:
    Large 1482x842px texture (30% default size)
    Speed KPH & MPH display versions
    Revs lights
    Shift lights
    Gear indicator
    Revs indicator
    Delta time
    Current lap time
    Best lap time
    Last lap time
    Leds for racing flags:
    - Blue flag
    - Yellow flag
    - White flag
    - Checkered flag
    - Penalties pending
    - Black flag
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Recent Reviews

  1. RaceWasGood
    Version: 1.0
    Top quality dash, thanks a lot!
  2. CapitanulHaos
    Version: 1.0