Jacksonville Superspeedway

Jacksonville Superspeedway 0.8.1

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La pista es muy buena, pero no hay ia en este track, porque?
i made my own ai for it i dont know how to upload it, shame that the pit crew is dead. Great fun.
VERY NICE!!! THANX!!! ;-/)
Going to the garage via pit lane is not a good idea. Once you make the left turn, you will fall off the map. Other than that I liked the track.
Bit buggy.
Can this get updated please ? really like this track in rFactor 2 and think Assetto Corsa version would be great .
Very Nice!
Ramp to corners light bumpy and Pitcrew lies on track, but very cool to drive!
Excellent! Thanks :)
Thank you very much!
nice work
Let's keep it go on
Very nice.