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Istanbul Park 1.02

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Hi guys!
I'm glad to share our Istanbul Park circuit with you. We are still play with AMS, but - you know - just a few tracks available. Well, We updated the GSCE version for AMS, and add some new objects and textures. ;)

Known issues: the background is :poop:, but thats OK. and some fences are flashing or whatever.

Anyway, have fun for that, and We are still searching new faces to our league. If you want to racing in AMS, please make contact with us on Facebook: facebook.com/rs.formula.liga

Our league is hungarian, but we would love to see new members from another country. :)

Here's our Youtube channel for some AMS video: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRSFormula/

Some pics, of course: AMS 2019-03-25 18-07-24-69.png
  • AMS 2019-03-25 18-05-23-80.png
    AMS 2019-03-25 18-05-23-80.png
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  • AMS 2019-03-25 18-10-55-17.png
    AMS 2019-03-25 18-10-55-17.png
    757.7 KB · Views: 1,984
  • AMS 2019-03-25 18-09-28-63.png
    AMS 2019-03-25 18-09-28-63.png
    918.6 KB · Views: 1,896
  • AMS 2019-03-25 18-08-07-56.png
    AMS 2019-03-25 18-08-07-56.png
    657.2 KB · Views: 1,814
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Latest reviews

Thank you
So I get the errors when loading the track. i saw that you need to put a text line in the .scn file, but I'm not good with that and I don't really know how to do that. Do I need to open the file and put the text there? Thanks^^
Thx! Great work!
Adding the line to the .scn works perfectly! Thanks a lot i always loved this track ;)
Is working now. But only with your hint.
It seems this is the wcp-version of this track...
All kinds of errors loading. Don't work.
Janos Kapitany
Janos Kapitany
try that: adding this line to the scn file:
Can you add Realistic sponsors like Rolex, Emirates and Intercity? Because This track doesn't allow Alcohol sponsors just like Paul Ricard, Sakhir and Yas Marina.
Janos Kapitany
Janos Kapitany
Perhaps yes, but I dont have enough time. i need few weeks.
Janos Kapitany
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