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Improved Starting Save Game for My Summer Car 1.1

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So, this is a save game where you are just starting out with a disassembled car, much like clicking "new game," but it is better.

There are a few changes that I made to enhance the game.

1) You have some supplies like food and drink to start you off.
2) The computer is in your room, ready to be assembled. You also have the floppy disks and the CD there.
3) Every part you need for the car is already in the garage at full health (no wear). This includes fan belts, spark plugs, etc.
4) The tires are fully restored, so they will pass inspection. Tires are in the garage.
5) You start with 7500 marks instead of 3000.
6) The ventti hut is all yours and is now the headquarters for both the lumber company and the sewage company. Both the tractor and the truck have been moved there. The trailer is also there. (it is recommended to use the mobile phone mod so you can answer calls from the new "headquarters")
7) The Ruscko starts off in the landfill. I thought it would make sense because it is an old and destroyed car. The key has already been unlocked.
8) All vehicles have been refueled except for the Satsuma (because it is still in pieces). Both jerrycans have been refueled
9) Berry picking skill has been maxed out to make it worth picking berries. Remember that it is still tied to fatigue so pick berries while wide awake to maximize production.
10) The sofa is in your room.
11) "drunkstage" is at 4 so you only need to drive Jokke home once instead of 5 times to unlock the story.
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  1. Bug fix and some changes

    - Fixed glitched tractor bug. - Moved lantern to house. - Changed starting position to kitchen...

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Just Tell What Game Version To Use Other Than That It Is Good
the only problem i have with this save is the warning triangle
maybe move it into the garage or something and maybe a pack of cigarette. other than that it's good
10/10 awesome save game
Thanks, glad you like it. I found some issues with it and I'm going to fix it. For whatever reason, the tractor glitches with the burnt down house near the ventti hut and has the tendency to explode. I'm going to move the tractor to fix that. Also The dirtiness bar didn't get reset so I'll have to do that.