Hulk’s DiRT 3 Remake - Monte Carlo Rally REMASTERED 1.1

DiRT 3 Monte Carlo remastered

  1. Incredible Hulk
    Mod is for DiRT 3 game!!!

    DiRT 3 Monte Carlo remastered

    - In crisp HD with DiRT Rally textures
    - For DiRT 3 PC/ Mac

    - Copy track folder to appropriate “Dirt3Data/tracks/locations…” folder.
    Backup or rename originals first!

    additional mods for DiRT 3

    - Hulk’s DiRT 3 Remake 2018 (for graphics)

    - Ford Focus WRC 2007 4k by Sébastien Degraeveébastien-degraeve.18952/

    - Alternate Physics 0.7 CTF
    For offline car better physics in DiRT 3 You can use exbagboy “Alternate Physics 0.7” cars CTF files

    Hulks-DiRT-3-Remake-Monte-Carlo-Rally-REMASTERED-2.jpg Hulks-DiRT-3-Remake-Monte-Carlo-Rally-REMASTERED-3.jpg Hulks-DiRT-3-Remake-Monte-Carlo-Rally-REMASTERED-4.jpg Hulks-DiRT-3-Remake-Monte-Carlo-Rally-REMASTERED-5.jpg
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  1. Chipsy69
    Version: 1.1
    Thank you