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Hulk's DiRT 3 Remake Mod 2018 1.1

Dirt 3, remake, graphic

  1. Incredible Hulk
    Mod is for DiRT 3 game!!!
    Hulk's DiRT 3 Remake Mod 2018

    According to Steam there are currently more active Dirt 3 than Dirt 4 players.

    There is no special place here for Dirt 3 mods but as Dirt 3 gave many cars, sounds and liveries to it’s older brother its time that this abandonware receive something back from Dirt Rally.


    - Total DiRT 3 graphic revamp
    - Better performance
    - Work with other mods and with Dirt 3 vanilla game
    - PC/ Mac

    - Alternate Physics 0.7 CTF
    For offline car better physics in DiRT 3 You can use exbagboy “Alternate Physics 0.7” cars CTF files

    - Copy mods folders/ subfolders to appropriate “Dirt3Data…” folder.
    Backup or rename originals first!

    Marllow Citroen C4 WRC Rally New Zealand 2008 4K converted for Dirt3 used in screenshoots.
    My personal reasons for this mod is that my “non Metal” Mac can’t run Dirt Rally.
    Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-6.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-2.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-3.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-4.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-5.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-7.jpg Hulks-Dirt-3-Remake-Mod-9.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Chipsy69
    Version: 1.1
    wow ! looks perfect
  2. fenes94
    Version: 1.0
    Doesnt work for me!
    1. Incredible Hulk
      Author's Response
      Could You try IT without dx11 shaders folder? It should work with default Dirt 3 shaders.