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HSO VLM GTPC Conversion part4

Full 1983 Le Mans grid and the complete endurance Package now in AMS

  1. Richard Wilks
    Finally we can share with the community this work of passion!
    In my humble opinion, Bias Ply tires haven't been that well understood or represented in cars with high downforce in simulators or mods. My continued work in for historic sim racing organization and their mods on classic cars has been focused on finally bringing these highly anticipated road warriors of yesteryear to the virtual landscape, avoiding the typical "if it has tons of downforce, it must be glued to the track" mentality, using real data and real numbers to produce real results. Get ready for the best group C cars in the world of simracing!
    ** Important!!!!!**

    You MUST pick the correct upgrade in the showroom for the char you picked, for example, if you picked Jackie Ickx SPA, you must pick the SPA upgrade for it.


    Due to the 500 Megabytes upload limit, the mod is broken into 4 parts. You will need 7zip to extract.

    CLICK ON VERSION HISTORY to download all parts.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cyteless
    Version: part4
    Great mod. Very nice FFB, handling characteristics of the different cars are enjoyable to learn, and the detail of the car visuals and sounds are very nice as well. I've crunched plenty of gearboxes - the clutch is very unforgiving to lazy peddling. Plenty of double clutching and heel-toe needed!
  2. kondor999
    Version: part4
    I would give this 6 stars if I could. The physics is mind-blowing, the choice of subject matter/era is both impeccable and encyclopedic, the sounds are great, and (courtesy of AMS) it has easily the best FFB I've ever experienced. After driving this, it's extremely hard for me to go back and drive similar cars in AC. Here, the handling is so much more subtle and has that "easy-to-learn-difficult-to-master" characteristic that real race cars have (I'm looking at you, Kunos C9). After 40 years of amateur racing (and a single test with a Trans Am team in the mid 80's) , I can say that this is as close as anyone's going to get with regard to driving the amazing cars of this era. I have no idea how this mod team did it, but they did. Sure, some of the in-car cockpits are a little low-res, but trust me: You won't give a crap after about 2 seconds of *driving* it (the important parts, like the instruments, have been re-done and look great btw).
  3. Sil
    Version: part4
    >>>>>Click on the "version history" tab and you can access all parts, thank you.<<<<<
    Wrong, there is only part 4 !
    1. Richard Wilks
      Author's Response
      Then why are you giving me a bad review if you can't even download the mod?...
  4. AircooledPoly
    Version: part4
  5. mopro
    Version: part4
    The preview was soo good, I must try this and reinstall AMS. Where is part 1,2 and 3? Are they being uploaded?
    1. Richard Wilks
      Author's Response
      Click on the "version history" tab and you can access all parts, thank you.
  6. Dryzhizhe
    Version: part4
    Whoa, easy, this Mod is better physics than vanilla?! Is it legal? Finally gone "jerking" of physics, especially of compression machines (compared to original). And compared to previous versions of the mod, the grip on the track has improved. (gone mad "scrollability")
    The turbine is beyond praise!
    It is very nice to sit behind the wheel of these monsters in the cabin quite comfortable. The view outside is not perfect, but the eye does not cut, everything is done with dignity.
    And when once again took off on Le mans, very sorry that in the 1980s there was no laser scanning.
    This is how physics should be in AMS. Thanks, guys.
    Sorry about Google translate)
  7. GLePC
    Version: part4
    Looks nice, feels good! Thank you.

    btw - for the other parts look in "tab" version history!
  8. dcollins22585
    Version: part4
    I only see part 4
    1. Richard Wilks
      Author's Response
      If you can't even download the mod, why are you giving a review?...
  9. Esco GT-R
    Esco GT-R
    Version: part4
    Great work Rich and all the guys at HSO
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