House Texture Pack 1.2

House with new wall textures and darker wood

  1. Fredrik Jansson
    First time making a textures mod
    I have not done the bedrooms yet but will update with them.

    new walls livingrom/hallway and kitchen, new door
    new carpet and wall/floor in shower and wc

    Please tell me if you liked it or not or if you have any ideas on some changes

    Install using the tool
    and open the sharedassets3 file in game dir, make sure to make a backup copy to.
    search for a same .tex file as in the downloaded zip file and rightclick and extract it
    then go to your download folder and you should have a folder names sharedassets3 with that .tex file in it
    drag the new file and replace that one and then right click the same file in unity assets explorer again and click import this file from DDS
    repeat for all files in the zip and then save assets file


    1. xfbxd.jpg
    2. aasgsaf.jpg
    3. aasgsafasdsad.jpg
    4. kok.jpg
    5. FTXHX.jpg
    6. DSTYHSJE.jpg
    7. SADASFG.jpg
    8. SEGS.jpg
    9. ASFSA.jpg
    10. asfsaf.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. DynamiteGaming
    Version: 1.2
    Great Mod Only Thing is i wish it had reskinned garage
  2. AiderenCZ
    Version: 1.2
    Great work
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