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Hockenheim 1988: Broadcast TV Replay Cameras from 1991.

Hockenheim 1988: Broadcast TV Replay Cameras from 1991. 2.2

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Broadcast F1 TV replay cameras for the Hockenheim 1988 track.
I edited these to mimic how they were back in the day, using period footage as the base reference for each camera's position, start and end points, within kseditor. I had to improvise as best as I could, wherever track layouts differed.
The more accurate the track models, the more accurate the cameras can be.

Drop the files into: ➤
steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\hockenheim1988\gp\data\ folder.

Update v2.2 - Extensive 1991-spec revisions, and corrected solar positioning, for a an even more authentic look.

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Latest updates

  1. 1991-specific version, and correct solar position.

    Extensive alterations were made.
  2. Update v2.0

    Added more initial zooming down the long straights.
  3. Update v1.2

    Update v1.2 - fine-tuning of most of the cameras(positioning, zooming, cut-in and out points...

Latest reviews

very beautiful! hoped for a long time!
Awesome! Just what I was looking for! BTW, this is just for the GP version of the track, not the DTM....
please, track link download?
Thank's for your job