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Hillclimb Los Marteles Up&down v2.0

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Latest updates

  1. Los marteles

    Ac cronos before installing delete previous
  2. Fixed Bug in box

    Fixed bug in box with no official cars
  3. Hillclimb Los Marteles Up & down + Rally Time App

    Version 1.2 INCLUDING App RALLY TIME The App Rally Time have values for uphill mode, downhill...

Latest reviews

Thank you for your work, it's nice to go up the hill on the island.
No TV CAM. So sad....
love this! thankyou!
No me salen los boxes del final de tramo, dispongo de la versión 2.0
Thank you
Of the best of Sim Works
excelete, muchas gracias.
Very good work, I really like this track. For me the only thing missing is some replay cameras!!!
Magic track... looks awesome, drives great.
Simply awesome , thanks mate !
Muy bueno. Que buen trabajo haces Cranck! Que ganas tenia de jugar a este juego con tramos canarios. Esperamos más sigue así! Estoy deseando ver la versión del citcuito de Maspalomas aquí
estamos en ello, gracias ;)
very nice detailed.
thanks Erwin
Felicidades Cranck. Un trabajo impecable
Gracias Bokayna!!
Sublime. One of the best track builders in this planet.
Thanks Kennet!!!
Cant people get versions correct before release ?

Too many versions cars skins tracks ridiculous

Get ya act together AC

and 3 stars as all quality deserves
There was an error in the situation of the pits, I quickly account and update it, plus I bring also an app that tells you the time of passage by track, between one thing and another work has been done in four months, four months for your enjoyment and the entire community, four months unpretentious profit by anyone, four months of seeking information from here and there to get make the track, four months to learn new methods unknown to me so far, and four months for you to enjoy new tracks and applications that are not perfect? I know, but Kunos also gives us a smooth information so that our development is what you deserve, that said, meeting ungrateful attitude of some users, that if I were you of you were no tracks or any car, so you learn you he has to do it and see others how good you are.

hubo un error en la situacion de los pits, me di cuenta rápido, y lo actualice, ademas aporto tambien una app que te cuenta el tiempo de paso por pista, entre una cosa y otra el trabajo se ha hecho en cuatro meses, cuatro meses para tu disfrute y el de toda la comunidad, cuatro meses sin pretensiones de lucro por parte de nadie, cuatro meses de buscar información de aqui y allí para conseguir hacer la pista, cuatro meses de aprender nuevos métodos desconocidos por mi hasta la fecha, y cuatro meses para que podais disfrutar de nuevas pistas y aplicaciones, que no son perfectas? lo se, pero Kunos tampoco nos brinda una información fluida para que nuestro desarrollo sea lo que se merece, dicho esto , encuentro de muy desagradecido la actitud de algunos usuarios, que si por mi fuera os quedabais sin pistas ni coche alguno, asi aprendeis vosotros ha hacerlo y vemos los demás lo buenos que sois.
Simply aweson
Thanks raggnator
Nice track, thank you! But there are some huge FPS-drops at the beginning (first straight after exiting the pits). Perhaps you could optimize the performance there (LODding?). Keep on the good work!
Sorry but it's such a low quality track to be v1.1
thanks for your opinion, show me some of yours work and perhaps learn something
I have problem with this track and hockenheim GP also.Track wont load,any solution for this? Thanks in advance.
solution?, it'll have something wrong with your computer, if 1200 you are the first that does not load, the problem is yours, checks the integrity of cache assetto, perhaps you have something broken or missing some file
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