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Helmet Pack 1.0

A small collection of helmets which I have produced.

  1. Mr Anthony
    Hello there!

    Since I've been a member of these forums for a while now, and I've downloaded many files for which I am very grateful for, I feel it is time that I gave something back to the community.

    I have created a few helmets which I would like to share with you. They're nothing special, but for some first attempts I'm pretty happy with them.

    Helmet 1 - Replaces Gen 40:
    Caterham Space.jpg

    Helmet 2 - Replaces Gen 41:

    Helmet 3 - Replaces Gen 42:

    There's only the three. Nothing special, just my gift to the community.

    I will, and am making more. If you want teams changing on any of these three, just let me know. I'll be happy to sort it for you. I am also open to requests. However, I won't do replicas since they're very time consuming and plenty of other great modders here have already got most of them covered. If you're interested, just send me a PM. :thumbsup:

    Thanks to ML2166 and ALKMNDZA for the templates!

    Remember to always protect your melon!


    - Anthony.
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