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Green Hills 0.17

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0.17 is here!
- new high resolution track and pit physical mesh
- Static Camera set
- Dynamic camera set
- 3d grass
- A layout suitable for hotlapping or drifting
- 8 pit boxes
- UI Preview of the track as well as layout
- Working AI
- Track map
- A bunch of bushes
- 3 sorts of flowers
- tree logs
- Small pond
- Fence
- 2 windmills

Some data:
Width: 11 meters
Lenght: 855 meters
Pits: 8

Supported modes:
Quick Race (no pit entry)

Thanks to @NightEye, @LilSki, @P3ngu1n and @ir Sindaco for help.


Latest updates

  1. Yay! Update :D

    What's new? - New road physical mesh that feels more alive - Pits now have a physical mesh as...
  2. Visual Upgrade + Optimisation

    Hello, - Made grass and flowers one texture - Tweaked road shader - Added a start/finish line -...
  3. Absolute last update before I make bigger changes.

    - Adjusted the main road texture - Added a second set of flowers (there are now white and yellow...

Latest reviews

Love the map, great work. The only thing is add some fences to tap.
A really nice start, very nice details already. Also, the flow is pretty good and the texture work looks decent so far. :-)
Looking forward for more details. A nice background and some more variation in the landscape texturing as well as on the tarmac textures will do wonders. :-)
Furthermore, I really appreciate the good road mesh.

I'd suggest to take a look on the trees. When driving the track with a low sun-angle, one side of the foliage reflects the light while another side is lying in the shadows. In result you easily notice the shape of the foliage. Didn't have a closer look but I guess the trees are X-shape? I've read somewhere that Y-shape trees could do the trick. :-)
Hmm, weird. They're Y shaped.
very good for drifting from 180HP to MAX, nais layout
really nice track in this stage, some kerbs would be nice, different textures on the hills, but tha main thing which is the layout and mesh are great
I already had kerbs but I removed them as I didn't like them + they covered the entire track, a friend said I shuld only place them on the apex and such.
Utterly nice! Super fun layout!
Short, intense, great fun and continuously updated and improved... what's not to like? An absolute blast with a shifter kart.

One tiny annoyance is that I sometimes fall through the surface layer when I drive off the track (in v 0.15 and earlier, at least). On the other hand, I really should stay on track, shouldn't I, so it's technically my own fault, right? :)

Thanks for this great little addition to AC!
Since it's a road course, I'd say it's at least 70% your fault :P. Thanks for the rating, critique and review.
gets 5 stars automatically for being one of only a handful of tracks here with 5 star quality track mesh. fun layout, nice project
Thanks Chris, much appreciated :).
Again, nice work man. But did you die? I mean... 2 days without a single update? Everything fine?
5 stars for the determination and the good track. You making progress, but i've just one complain. You add some flowers and you upload another version / update, you add a couple of bushes and you upload another version / update... you see where i'm going... Just add / update / fix lots of stuff, and upload another version, there's no need to a new update just because of some flowers =P The last 4 updates, in the last 24 hours, could be launched in just 1 update. Take this as a constructive critic =D
Keep up the good work!!
Haha I know! A friend of mine said the same. Currently I'm waiting for the editor to import another file which should be the last one. People have different ways of how they work (and how their brain works) so it's just a matter of me getting used to it. It's definitely more convenient to upload one big update than a dozen small ones. Thanks for the rating and critique, will try my best to not make another 5 updates of adding bushes :D.
Making good progress I see :)
Good job!
The fifth star is for the frequent updates (4 since yesterday) and for Update 2 description ("Added : flowers; single bush at pit exit"). That single bush made me smile :)
ha ha the guy below me calls it a "drift track", and he might be right.
Cos I think it's way way too short for "normal" racing, so personally, I use it as a karting track! lol
It took me a few laps to like it, but then I used the Metalex MTX1 cars and I realized it was really nice.
Lotus 25 and other little cars are really good to drive on this track too.

4 stars might be too much cos it's still very early but I hope you'll add some props and life around the track!
(a stupid idea, but how about some water in the center of the track? Like, driving around a little pond or something)
I do plan to add more stuff yes, mainly some bushes and flowers. A little pond isn't a bad idea either, but it will only happen if I can make water look like water :).
Great Drifting track. Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated!
just found your map on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSXMv6WKUco, very nice track ;)
File size
60.1 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.75 star(s) 16 ratings

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