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GPLea Crystal Palace V1.0

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The track is very nice and fun to drive but sometimes a lap is not counted when passing over the start line. This happened for me about 2 or 3 times (laps) PER RACE in 30 laps races. Happened for me and randomly for other AI's as well. Sorry but this is a serious bug and can really ruin the whole race results.
Great track!!!

thank you
Thx, dud3!
Thank you ;)
Track very fun to drive, Thanks for sharing with us. Looks great.
Thanks for your work!
d road surface feels amazing. jus needs sum work done on surroundings to brin track fully to life. vry nice convert :)
Nice addition, well done conversion, road surface is as good as it gets, scenery as a lot of charm. very short layout with nice flow, deceptively simple but yet overtaking AI takes patience. Thank you for sharing.
Video pleaase