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Tracks GPLea Crystal Palace V1.0

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Kit Lethby submitted a new resource:

GPLea Crystal Palace - GPLea Crystal Palace converted by Tonto with permission of MotorFX

GPLea Crystal Palace for Assetto Corsa V1.0

Converted by Tonto from RFactor1 with kind permission from Ken (MotorFX) using 3DSimEd, 3Ds Max and Kunos Simulazione Editor

20 pitboxes and AI all working.
Not sure about the pit lane though
Timing seems to work
NO working Map
No Cameras

Tested for for bugs, for some reason it will only load 6 Lotus 49's. Other Cars seem fine, I may have missed a few other bugs

Original MotorFX notes read as follows:

Converted by Ken , (MotorFX) from the GPL...

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