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GP2 2015 Season Mod

GP2 2015 Season Mod 1.1

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This is a GP2 2015 season mod, my second mod for F1 2014. If you found F1 boring this season, GP2 certainly wasn't, so this mod will put you into the Dallara GP2/11 car.

This mod is ENGLISH only. If you want to request more languages, please send me the language_xxx.lng file in the language folder in your F1 2014 game directory (feel free to PM me) and I will upload it so as to expand the language selection.

This mod WILL CORRUPT your save, so please BACKUP your files first! Installation is simply by extracting the downloaded file with 7zip or similar, then copying and replacing the files into your F1 game directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F12014)

You cannot play online with this mod. Yes, you will be slower, even more so than a 2015 McLaren-Honda, but you still can't play online.

GP2 is a spec series, so all the cars have the same performance, are skinned on the Red Bull RB10, and have a top speed of about 285 km/h with 6 gears (as per real life), depending on your downforce levels. As F1 2014 has only 11 teams, Hilmer and Lazarus have been excluded from this mod (sorry to those who are fans). Also, the drivers in this mod were chosen based on who drove the most rounds for each team. Again, sorry to fans of drivers not included in this mod.

For the most realistic career mode experience, you may want to do the medium length career (which has 10 feature races of about 180km length each), or you can do the regular 19 race season which alternates between feature races and sprint races. The sprint races have their own qualifying unfortunately, and they take place at tracks where GP2 does not actually go.

Due to the different car performances, the difficulty may be different to your experience in F1 2014. If you find it too easy or too difficult (to the point that changing the AI skill level does not help), please leave some feedback so that I can change it.

Known Issues
Season Challenge is now fixed!

Helmets are not my thing, so all the drivers' helmets are helmets already in the game (including Codemasters' own helmets) which kinda look a little like their actual helmet.

Car textures may lack details on the real cars (e.g. certain sponsors, car numbers, stripes etc) but this is due to mirroring and idiosyncrasies of the texture files. Or, it could be for aesthetic purposes (e.g. Russian Time's huge thick white stripe that goes across the whole car... what were they thinking?).

The timing screens show the wrong 3-letter names of drivers. This cannot be avoided, because it's either this, or the driver pictures not showing up in game menus. I chose the former, because driver pictures not showing up is a more noticeable problem.

No, you will never - NEVER - progress to F1 in this mod. Not if you win a race, not if you win all 95 races. It won't happen. Also, the world champion can remain in GP2 (unlike real life) so get used to eating Vandoorne's dust.

If you find more issues, please leave me some feedback because as a one-man team I have not had the opportunity to do much testing. I really appreciate any help I can get to make this mod even better!

Please feel free to ask questions in the discussion, and have fun racing!

Start shot.jpg



Three wide!.jpg

Some kind of dive bomb.jpg




Latest updates

  1. Season Challenge Fix + Italian Language

    If you have downloaded the initial version and do not want to download the entire resource...

Latest reviews

Great mod can you also do this for the 2014 season of F1 2015 as F1 2015 is boring without mods
Can you do it for portuguese brazil?
It's perfect, only one thing, in Russian Time Markelov and Evans have the wrong numbers
you can put the French language
Amazing mod well done!!! But ive got a question. My Team names and Driver names wont change can you help me why they are not changing?I had the same problem with your F1 2008 mod. Please help i really want to play this Gp2 mod properly and again really well done keep up the good work!!
Thanks for the review! The problem lies in the language files. If you play in some other language apart from those I stated are available, then you need to send me your language_xxx.lng file in the languages folder.
This mod is truly amazing and something I've been looking for for a while. It's a great use of F12014
Thanks for the review! I'd actually been thinking of making a GP2 mod since Leimer won the title back in 2013... but here it is finally!
A Masterpiece
You are very welcome xD
Amazing! Thx
Glad you like it! Thanks for the review :D
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