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Ginetta-Fanta GT3 Livery 2015-08-15

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This is my new livery for pCARS.
The main sponsor of this car is Fanta, there are some side-sponsors as well. This livery contains orange thunder textures and... yeah... What else can I say? :p

Credits to my cousin for helping me thinking up the idea! ;)
  • pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-16-49-40.jpg
    pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-16-49-40.jpg
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  • pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-02-19.jpg
    pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-02-19.jpg
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  • pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-09-87.jpg
    pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-09-87.jpg
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  • pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-22-12.jpg
    pCARS64 2015-08-15 10-17-22-12.jpg
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Nice skin mate, thanks.
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