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GID Plugins for GSCE 2013 2014-12-03

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To operate the GID Plugins, go to the root of the Game and reappoint executable "GSC.exe" to "rFactor.exe" ;)

Pour faire fonctionner le GID Plugins, aller dans la racine du Jeu et renommer l'éxecutable "GSC.exe" à "rFactor.exe" ;)
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yo,man,you forgot to say that need change file in trackmapplugin.ini from "originald3d9.dll=default"to"originald3d9.dll=d3d9_GID.dll"
Tricky to get working, but love this HUD. Works like a charm.
Followed the instructions but can't get it to work. No GID overlay appears but I do have another version working for rF2. Really want this or rFDynHud to work w/ GSCE but no luck.