Gen 6 ss New look 2016-07-24

New shading and parts

  1. bigdaddy24
    I did not paint the car in the picture just add new stuff to it. If you like let me know i am going to try to improve it a little more thanks. Did add the new back bumper to it to. 20160724091916_1.jpg 20160724091851_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. BernL
    Version: 2016-07-24
    Thank you
  2. Steve7151
    Version: 2016-07-24
    Kinda sad that you can't make your own, and rip it off from someone else template.
    1. bigdaddy24
      Author's Response
      By the way i did forget to put that parts come from Elliott Henderson Graphics . I am not trying to rip off any thing or take credit for any thing. I just tried this and it looked okay so i thought i would share it,till some one makes a new gen 6 car. I know a lot of nr2k3 people are worried about people ripping them of,But to be true every time the game is updated with new mods isn't that ripping Nascar and the Car designer off? Nascar Heat Evolution paid for rights to use gen 6 models so they can,Rfactor 2 did not so they can't . With all this said i know people work hard on stuff to share with the world and i do thank the people for taking there time to do it,and i am not trying to rip any one off.
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